How to Increase Your Zenka Loan Limit in 2023

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Download Zenka loan app, register, apply and repay loan to increase limit.

Zenka is a popular mobile loan app that offers loans with low interest rates compared to other fintech apps. Zenka’s loan repayment schedule of between 61 days to 180 days is flexible and friendly to most borrowers. As you start borrowing from the Zenka mobile app, your loan limit is usually low but can be increased gradually as you continue using the app.

Like most mobile loan apps in Kenya, when you log into the Zenka app the maximum amount you are eligible to borrow will be displayed on the screen.

Take note that currently, Zenka mobile app offers loans from 500 shillings up to 30,000 shillings. To access a high credit limit on Zenka with a more flexible repayment schedule, there are a number of easy methods you can follow.

Download and install Zenka loan app. Improve Zenka loan limit.

Zenka first loan offer. Borrow small and repay on time to increase your limit.

Best Ways to Increase Your Zenka Loan Limit

1. Repay Your Loan on Time

When you repay your full loan before the time elapses or on time, Zenka will see you as a reliable borrower able to handle larger loan amounts. Zenka will therefore be more willing to increase your loan limit.

2. Borrow Regularly from Zenka

Start by borrowing small amounts and gradually increase them as you repay the loans on time. Consistently repaying your loans will provide enough data to Zenka to assess your creditworthiness and potentially increase your loan limit.

3. Use Your M-Pesa Account Frequently

Frequently use M-Pesa to pay bills, and send and receive money from banks and people. Do not delete your MPesa transaction messages since Zenka looks into your MPesa usage history to determine your creditworthiness.

Regular use of your MPesa account will prove to Zenka that you have a stable income and are able to manage your finances responsibly.

Read: USSD Codes for Loan Apps in Kenya.

4. Maintain a Good Credit Score

A high credit score proves to Zenka that you are a low-risk borrower which will greatly help in your loan request being approved by Zenka.

Maintain a positive credit history and boost your credit score by repaying any defaulted loans with other apps and also clearing your details from CRB.

5. Be Patient

Increasing your Zenka mobile loan limit could take some time. However, by consistently making timely payments and building a positive credit history, you will gradually gain the ability to borrow larger amounts.

Stay committed to these practices, and over time, you will see your loan limit increase.

6. Request Zenka to Increase Your Loan Limit

If you have been a good customer and have a steady income, you can write or call Zenka and request a loan increase. Zenka will review your application and may approve your request.

7. Increase Your Income

A higher and steady income proves to Zenka that you are capable of repaying larger loan amounts. You can increase your income stream by taking part-time jobs, starting a small business or freelancing.

Having a steady and higher income shows financial stability and increases your likelihood of getting a higher loan limit.

8. Refer Friends to Zenka App

When you refer friends to borrow funds from Zenka, you will be rewarded with a bonus of Ksh. 500 straight to your MPesa. Your friend will also get Ksh. 500. The more friends you refer the higher your chances of getting higher a loan limit.

9. Keep the Zenka App Installed to Increase Limit

Zenka app consistently reads your MPesa messages to adjust your loan limit. So do not delete your app but keep opening it frequently to show Zenka that your account is active and are still interested in their services.

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