School academic calendar, term dates Kenya 2023.

Updated 2023 Kenya School Calendar with Term Dates (Primary and Secondary)

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Finally, the year 2023 has arrived and the academic school calendar for pre-primary, primary, and secondary schools has returned to its normal schedule. The school holidays were shortened to two weeks instead of the typical three and all basic education institutions began their 2023 classes on January 23rd, 2023 as per the Ministry of Education’s official schedule for the year.

Also take note that the midterm break for term 2, 2023 has been readjusted upon a request from KESSHA as the principals will be attending their annual conference during the break.

Hence, the term 2 midterm break will kick off from 27th July 2023 to 1st July 2023, according to the Ministry of Education.

Back to school after the 2023 school calendar has been released by the CS Education.
It’s back to school again in Kenya 2023 | Image: UGC,

The 2023 School Calendar for Kenya

The school term dates in Kenya have returned to normal and the KCPE and KCSE national exams will be held from end of October to November 2023, as is typical.

The academic year will start on 23rd January 2023 and end on 27th October 2023.

2023 Kenya school calendar/ term dates
Complete Kenya schools academic calendar with term dates for 2023.

School Term Dates for Term 1, 2023

Term 1 starts on 23/01/2023 and closes on 21/04/2023 after running for 13 weeks. Term 1 has a 2 weeks holiday break from 22nd April to 7th May.

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Learners will go for half term break for term 1 from March 16th 2023 to March 19th 2023, for 3 days.

School Term Dates for Term 2

Term 2 runs from 8th May to 12th August 2023 and takes 14 weeks. Thereafter, learners will proceed for a 2 weeks holiday from 12th August to 27th August 2023.

The mid-term break for second term 2023 will start on 29th June and end on 2nd July.

Update for term 2, 2023 mid-term break

The second term half term break has be extended by the Ministry of Education and rescheduled to start from 27th June to 1st July 2023.

School Term Dates for Term 3

Term 3 will begin on the 28th of August and end on the 27th of October, 2023. The term will take 10 weeks. This term does not have a mid-term break.

KCPE and KPSEA exams will kick off on 30th October 2023 and end on 2nd November 2023, while KCSE exams for 2023 will start on 03/11/2023 and end on 24/11/2023.

You can download the full pdf version of this school term dates on this link: School Calendar 2023 Kenya pdf


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