Check KNEC kcpe results 2021/2022, result slips

How to Check KCPE Results 2021 – 2022 by SMS

2021 KCPE candidates who sat for their end of class 8 national exams in 2022 can request for their results from KNEC using an SMS number provided by the Minister of Education during the official release of the KCPE results.

The SMS number works on Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom lines and will cost 25 shillings per SMS sent.

Schools can get results printouts on 30/03/2022 and forward issues if any to KNEC within 30 days, together with copies of evidence.

After the results are released, the KCPE candidates can get their result slips at their respective schools from 30th March 2022.

Schools can download and print result slips from the KNEC portal using the school’s login details provided during the registration of the candidates on the KNEC registration portal.

How to Get KCPE 2021/2022 results by SMS

To access your KCPE results, send an SMS containing your KCPE full index number followed by the initial KCPE to the SMS number 20076.

E.g Send 40100345001KCPE to 20076.

The full KCPE number contains 11 digits: the eight-digit school code and your three digits index number at the end.

Here is how you can check your KCPE results by SMS:

  1. Open a blank text message
  2. Type your full 11 digits KCPE number followed by the word KCPE
  3. Send to the KNEC SMS number 20076.
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You will receive your results after a short while.

Meaning of Symbols for Those Who May Not Get Results

Sometimes, your results or result slip may have the mean grade AB, OO,  P, W or U instead of normal results. Here  is what they mean:

  •  AB means an absent candidate who did not sit for one or all papers in the examination.
  • oo denotes that the candidate was involved in an examination irregularity.
  • P means the candidate’s examination results have been pended due to incorrect registration entry requirements.
  • W the examination results of the candidate have been withheld on suspicion that the candidate has been involved in an examination malpractice and investigations are ongoing.
  • U denotes ungraded examination results because the candidate has not met the KNEC minimum grade awards criteria.

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